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About DU BMB Alumni Association 

The University of Dhaka, the highest academic institution of our country, has been historically hailed as the Oxford of the East. Through intellectual and cognitive leadership, Dhaka University is steadily moving towards achieving excellence both in the national and international arena. One of the most important chapters of this journey started on July 1st, 1957 with the birth of the Department of Biochemistry, the first biochemistry department of the subcontinent. This visionary decision was undertaken with the aim of educating students and building a sustainable workforce in the promising field of Biochemistry for the near future. This is how this department took its first bold steps towards success and prosperity. Since the beginning, the teachers of this department have been skilled in fostering scientific thinking and humanitarianism and have disseminated their knowledge among the students with utmost sincerity and care while continuously being engaged in a diverse range of researches. Consequently, the graduates of this department, enriched with the knowledge of science and technology, have gone on to achieve remarkable success as the frontiers of of biological research both nationally and internationally, while others have used their training to carry out professional duties in other important sectors, gaining recognition as pioneers and leaders in their respective fields within the nation.

The young men and women, whose vibrant presence had once injected an interminable flow of life and energy to the green courtyards of this department, have nowspread out to all corners of the globe in search of earning their livelihood through serving humanity. But cherished memories of the best times of their life spent in the university pulls them back to this evergreen scene. These memories invoke such a trembling in the soul that they cannot be ignored; they compel you to rush back to those who were your fellows, the young and the elderly and above all, to the department with which all present and past students have formed an attachment of the soul. Former students will forever be grateful to their revered department for its select role in laying the intricate foundation to life and education. They can still feelthemselves in the classrooms, labs and corridors of this department where they were awakened from their intellectual dormancy and opened their eyes to look at this strange new world. These sentiments and callings of the heart confirm that the relationship between former students and the department has not yet ended and can never end. Rather, it creates an urge to give something back to the department. Although it is impossible to repay the immense debt created from receiving such a fine education, they are determined to maintain intimate connections with the department and make significant contributions to further its development.

The benefits of this communication between past students and current students and faculty of the department are widespread and diverse. Through the company and guidance of former students, current students may be benefitted in ways that lead to personal growth as well as improvements to the department and ultimately, contributions to the development of the nation. The alumni is an experienced and vital group for any institution, responsible for guiding and directing the newcomers. Keeping in view these sentiments and inspiration, the biochemistry Alumni Association was formed in August 2016, as a bridge between the current students and former students with the glorious aim to contribute to the progress of academic and non-academic areas of the department, increase the level of skill and create more opportunities in the workforce and overall, to contribute to the development and advancement of their cherished department. 


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